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Nanna Ósk Jónsdóttir, stofnandi
Nanna Ósk Jónsdóttir, stofnandi

        2017 – Founder & manager of KristalHofið,

·         2007 – Founder & manager of DanceCenter Reykjavík,


·         2004-2007 – Founder & manager of Dancestudio World Class, DWC in Laugar.

Ads – choreographing/acting

·         Diet Coke – Og okkur líður vel á eftir! (Produced by Hallur Helgason and Ingvar Þórðarson)

·         Happadrætti Háskólans – Baltasar Kormákur was the lead actor.  He is a well known actor in Iceland and a director of many famous Icelandic films today.

·         OBI – Sagafilm for Germany (director Ágúst Baldursson)

·         Sportswear/Galyan´s U.S.A. – Pegasus (director Ágúst Baldursson)

·         Kristal+ fyrir Ölgerðina – Pegasus - choreographed and choose dancers (director Reynir Lyngdal)  

Icelandic televison and films

·         Marijas- Icelandic television - RÚV. 

 Maður eins og ég/A Man Like Me – Film, dancing/acting,

Strákarnir okkar/Eleven Men Out – Film, dancing/acting,


FC Nörd/Football Club Nerds – Soccer reality TV shows/dance teacher


Icelandic Music videos

·         Vertu Þú Sjálfur – Icelandic band - SSSÓL

·         Þú gleymir aldrei þessum augum – Icelandic band - Stjórnin

·         Angel – Music video for Eurovision song contest 2001 in Copenhagen 


Icelandic Musicals:

·         Jesus Christ Superstar – choregraphed/dancer – Commercial School of Iceland. Director Halldór Bachmann.

·         Rocky Horror – dancer/acting, Theater Loftkastalinn, director Baltasar Kormákur

·         Madonna show- choregrapher  


Other shows and events

·         Blue Lagoon – Spa party for women

·         Smáralind – Danceevents – Flash Mob

·         Já.is – Danceevents – Flash Mob

·         Eurovision Song Contest 2001, Copenhagen – Competed for Iceland with The group

Two Tricky(dancer).  45.000 live audience and telecasted through whole Europe.

·         Many Dance-  and fashion shows – choreographer/dancer

·         Miss Iceland/Mr. Iceland in Broadway- dancer

·         Miss Reykjavík and Miss Iceland 2006 – choreographer

·         Agency Élan in London – helped the agency to choose dancers in Iceland

·         Other independent dance events for companies

Nanna was born a dancer!


She started at early age to move with rythm. Her grandfather made sure she learned ballroom in the living room as soon as she could walk and her grandmother who also was very fond of dance, made sure she wouldn´t skip a danceclass. Both of them loved the artform and made sure the young girl would experience the “Happiness” of Dance.


Growing up the dance was Nanna´s passion and best friend. She was eager to learn all kinds of dancestyles in almost all of  the danceschools in Iceland, often participating in 3 schools at a time, to much joy of her parents. She studied Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Afro, Step and Flamengo in Jazzsporið, Kramhúsið, Dansnýjung Kollu og Dansstúdíó Sóleyjar. Later she learned that Hip Hop was her thing, loving to move with the powerful beat of Hip Hop music. At the age of 12, she started to teach in Dansnýjung Kollu.

As a teenager she started competing in dance, winning the the Icelandic Championship in Freestyle as an individual and twice as a Icelandic Champion with groups. What followed was performing in many danceshows, e.g. in the Icelandic most popular club, Casablanca. Nanna also participated in commercials, concerts, TV-shows, movies, musicals, dance- and fashionshows and many other projects. Dance followed her through her education in Verzló, were she co-choreographed her first musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, directed by Halldór Bachman.


Through her years in the University of Iceland, finishing her business degree, she participated in the musical, Rocky Horror, directed by Baltasar Kormákur. In 2004, Nanna found the need for a new dancestudio in the market and brought the idea to the fitnesscenter, Laugar that was opening at the same time. Dansstúdíó World Class – DWC was opened with Nanna as a manager and the studio from the beginning was a success managed by Nanna until 2007.


At the birth of her second child another offspring was born, her privately owned danceschool, DanceCenter Reykjavík that has just celebrated it´s 5th year, has been a huge success. The main goal of DanceCenter Reykjavík has always been to bring the best danceteachers in the world to Icelandic dancestudents and by bringing the judges and choreographers from the world famous TV-show, So You Think You Can Dance? the school has lived up to it´s standards with Dan Karaty, Shane Sparks, Lil´C, Sabra Johnson, winner of 2007, Phlex, Gev Manoukian and Kameron Bink as teachers along with great talent of Icelandic teachers.


Meanwhile she also maintained educating her self in other fields and finished her MS in Marketing and International Business. The future is bright and Nanna will always seek new experience and be passionated about the artform of Dance and it´s “Happiness”.

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